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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Obama didn't tell graduating seniors on Monday

Obama spoke to 155 graduating seniors at Booker T Washington high school in Memphis on Monday, May 16.

"We live in a new world" he told new graduates of a high school in Memphis, Tennessee, warning that when they leave college in four years, they'll be competing for jobs not just against Americans but with the youths in Beijing and Mumbai.

"You're competing against young people in Beijing and Mumbai. That's some tough competition," he said. "Those kids are hungry. They're working hard. And you'll need to be prepared for it."

What Obama didn’t tell the seniors is that: “Since my administration is making it easier for illegal aliens to cross the border and then stay and work, that you will also be competing against these undocumented workers for a job as well.”

One attendee said: “It was just overflowing and exciting, as if Jesus just stepped in the room.”

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