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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stars of the NBA semi-finals

The four stars of the recent NBA semi-finals Koby Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard & Carmelo Anthony have a combined one year of college (Anthony at University of Syracuse). High School draft choices were so dominant that in 2005 the NBA decided to protect its minor league (college basketball) by requiring at least one year “removal” from high school play.

So did the lack of classes in history, badminton, psychology and yoga really set these four players behind the eight ball? Not quite.

There are certain careers that almost require a college education: engineering, pre-med, and accounting for example. But general studies, sociology, and geography are more leisure activities than a way to earn a living. Like basketball for most of us. College is not the way to get into router administration (go get a Cisco certification) or acting (actually start producing your own series), or journalism (start your own blog) or video production (start producing on YouTube – don’t study it).

College can pay off but it is clearly not for everyone.