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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mark Cuban on College

Mark Cuban's discussion of college is well worth a read.  He asks some very good questions.  His comparison of the four-year college to the newspaper business is spot on.

Here are a few points of my own: 1) Many 18 year olds are not ready for college.  If that is the case then wait a year or two until it is a good fit; 2) I can guarantee that most of those that graduate with $100,000 in student loans will feel the pressure and have far fewer options when they graduate; 3) If you collect $75,000 in student debt and don't graduate, then you are really up a creek without a paddle.

The cost of college matters.  Experiencing almost any subject for $20 a unit is a very low risk.  On the other hand "investing" $2,000 per unit ought to be amazingly useful in preparing you for the real world where you have to pay your bills and earn a living (and repay your college loans).

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