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Thursday, August 21, 2014

College debt can interfere with being an entrepeneur!

Any prospective or active entrepreneur should be reading Kevin Johnson's book: The Entrepreneurial Mind 

Here is a reminder from Kevin Johnson about the dangers of debt.  If you have any desire to start your own business, don't get stuck with $200,000 of college student debt.  Here is how Kevin puts it:

""Research indicates that the great majority of entrepreneurs will never receive money from a venture capitalist or an angel investor. Instead, they will fund their businesses with their own money and via credit cards. According to a report by the National Federation of Independent Business, in 2009, 83 percent of businesses with fifty employees or fewer used credit cards. This point is important, because how you manage your personal finances determines how much money you can borrow for your business and at what interest rate."

Peter Thiel the cofounder of PayPal, angel investor and venture capitalist adds this: "Learning is good. Credentialing and debt is very bad. College gives people learning and also takes away future opportunities by loading the next generation down with debt." 

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