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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it any wonder that 70% of American high school grads go immediately onto college?

It’s where the money is. Not the money 10 years later but where virtually all the money is for an 18 year old.

Most parents subsidize their children attending college (cars, tuition, room and board). But how many parents subsidize their kids starting a business right after high school, starting a job, or joining the military?

For some high school students, college is the right fit. But for many of the 47% that attend college and have not graduated within six years it is not. And for many of the roughly half of today’s college graduates that walk away with a degree in subjects like Ethnomusicology, Sociology, English, History, Theatre, Art Appreciation or Dance, and are finding no job offers, it may not be the right path either.


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