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Saturday, August 9, 2014

What you study matters in the job market.

Here is some data concerning Bachelor's Degrees conferred in the U.S. in 2012.* The interesting part of the data is that it is divided by sex. 

The majority of degrees awarded were in business, about 360,000 of which 52% were to men and 48% to women. In the social sciences there were about 175,000 degrees awarded, 51% to men and 49% to women. Now the next highest number of degrees awarded, about 160,000, was in health of which 15% were men and 85% were women followed by Psychology and Education, both with a bit over 100,000 degrees awarded. The former had 23% men and 77% women while the later had 21% men and 79% women.

Of interest is that of the 100,000 degrees awarded in Engineering, 82% were to men and 18% were to women, and of the about 90,000 degrees awarded in Visual/Performing Arts 39% were to men and 61% were to women.

Last were those degrees awarded in English. Just a few over the 50,000 mark and of those 32% were to men and 68% were to women.

Once again is the time to ask: “Do the career choices that women make have anything to do with the difference in income between men and women?”

Jerry White

* From the Digest of Educational Statistics, Table 318.3.

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