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Friday, February 14, 2014

Beware of Propaganda about College like this Pew Study

These social “scientists’ spread this propaganda and consistently mix up causation with correlation.

Here would be a way to actually test the Pew’s hypothesis that college education results in substantially better incomes and life styles: Take 1,000 high school students and send them to college.  Take another 1,000 students and direct them to non-college alternatives.  Each of the groups would have the same distribution of SAT scores.

Then look at the results 10-15 years later.

The reason the Pew’s results are so skewed is that on average high school grads with higher IQs go on to graduate from college in greater proportion than those with lower IQs.  This factor alone probably accounts for most of the differential in salaries 15 years later.

I am not saying that college cannot be valuable.  But based on the Pew propaganda we have allowed the cost of college to get out of hand and college students are going ever deeper into debt to finance it.

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