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Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Valuable is Harvard's Brand?

Here is a very insightful piece about the real value of a Harvard MBA versus this degree being a proxy for ability.

Jose Ferreira (Harvard MBA grad) makes the case that rather than Coca-Cola having the most valuable brand, that the top colleges have owned it for decades. And that brand may be very much at risk.

In my book Lucky andGood: Risk, Decisions and Bets for Investors, Traders and Entrepreneurs, I make the argument that one needs to separate the “Pride-Of-Ownership Premium” from the underlying future cash flow.

In the case of an Ivy League education, there is little doubt that one pays more for a degree than at the local college. And in fact the education may be better. But how much better? If the education is only 20% better but the cost is 150% more, then the difference should be attributed to the “Pride-Of-Ownership Premium.”  

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