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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Post by my College Drop-Out Partner

Post by Robb Sexton

As an entrepreneur, inventor (hundreds of patents globally) and businessman, I have both violated and held steadfast to many of the principles that John advocates in this blog

John’s frank assessment of the new reality surrounding the Return on Investment of many college educations is particularly personal to me. I, like many other aspiring entrepreneurs, only attended college for two years.  A series of personal events and circumstances put me at the crossroads of joining the burgeoning electronics and computing revolution or finishing college. I chose the latter.

Conventional wisdom then and now should have made the decision to stay in school easy. But based on my upbringing, my experiences, the tumultuous times, and a near-death experience, I chose to put forgo the last couple of years. In my case this decision actually helped enable my success not deterred it, and that was at a time, when the job market gave more “credit” to a college degree than it does today.

Make the decision for yourself. Don’t go to college simply because you can’t figure out anything better to do. And if you choose to go the college route, by all means have or find a future vision and don’t take on “easy” debt to pay for an education that could derail that vision before it begins.

Robb Sexton
Chairman, NeWire, Inc.

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