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Monday, January 21, 2013

Many students are not prepared for college!

Excellent piece about how many students are unprepared for college.  Attending college when you had trouble with high school may not be the prescription for developing marketing skills for the job market.

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Anonymous said...

This should not come a a surprise to anyone! When our school rankings stated to fall behind the rest of the world we were in trouble. I started to The beginings of it could be seen way back in '73 when I was in HS.

Our education guru's, supposed experts in the eduction field, decided to abandon the foundation stone of the 3R's and shop classes, implement new teaching methods-new math etc, and push the pass everyone policy. The situation where parents feel that they do not have to invest time in making sure their children learn and excel. And the steady increase of two working parents in the home.

So in fourty years what do we have? Unprepard HS students for college and the world, low student test scores when compared to the world, many with low ethical standards i.e. cheating, and the rise of the helicopter parent.

The rise of the helicopter parenting is a direct response of why Johnny or Janie can't make it on their own. Because they feel the system is stacked against them or they are pushing to get that edge at any cost.

My solution:
1. Bring back the 3R's-give the students afirm foundation in the basics.
2. Fail/hold back the student if necessary- that's real incentive to pass and be prepared.
3. Bring back shop classes for those not going to college.