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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The share of American workers in the science and engineering professions fell

“The share of American workers in the science and engineering professions fell slightly in the past decade, ending what had been a steady upward trend in the proportion of workers in fields associated with technological innovation and economic growth.”

Many of the science and engineering college grads today leave the US. They used to stay here (and it was very profitable for the country). Today we make it very tough for them to stay in the US because we have to make room for illegal workers with no education to sneak across the border.

“Before 2000, the share of these knowledge workers had increased in every 10-year Census since 1950, according to the Population Reference Bureau, a nonprofit demographic research group in Washington that conducted the study.“

The problem is that 1) the general media makes no distinction between a degree in Gender Studies and Chemical Engineering and 2) the US subsidize “going to college” without regard to what these kids are studying and 3) a college students can borrow bundles of money from the Federal government to pay for their college education and they charge the same interest rate whether you are studying mechanical engineering or Sociology.

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