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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perhaps we can match Tunisia's college education stats

An excellent American Thinker article about Obama’s mindless fixation on the college completion goal.

Of course Obama never differentiates between the number of Political Science majors (Obama's major) we are producing versus the number of engineering majors that graduate. Currently only 2.5% of all college graduates are US citizens in engineering. Another 2.5% are foreign students graduating with engineering degrees.

“Consider the dire warning that the U.S. has fallen to 9th place in the college graduate listings (in the world). The Administration takes it on face value that 9th place is bad, and 1st place is good.” “Of the eight nations above us, only Norway has a higher standard of living as measured by per capita income.”

Tunisia offers free college education, which has resulted in one of the highest college graduation rates of 57%. “Unfortunately unemployment rates among Tunisian college graduates is 45%.”

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