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Saturday, February 26, 2011

James Alucher's Thoughts about College

Some contrarian thoughts about college from James Alucher, a writer, blogger, trader, and venture capitalist in his blog “Living Life is better than Dying in College”.

He says: “Colleges have made use of the myth that you can’t get a job unless you have a college education. So young people feel a rush to get that college out of the way so they can get a job and ‘begin’ their adult lives. I think kids should begin their adult lives at 18 by experiencing what else the world has to offer.”

“I saw what people were doing in college. I know now how much I learned in college and how much I learned in other experiences in life and which is more relevant to me now at the age of 43. And, btw, it was much cheaper when I went to school than it is now. So when did I develop this theory? Almost immediately when I realized college had nothing to do with any successes or failures that I had in life (and I had A LOT of failure despite college). And also, it took me 8 years to pay back my student loan debt. Now it takes kids 30 years to pay down that debt. It’s not fair to the youth of our country.”

Good to see someone that is willing to question the status quo and our herd mentality.

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