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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jamie Lee Curtis interview on the Tonight Show May 8, 2009

Jamie – “My daughter is away at college – she has just finished her last day of college. My daughter Anne is graduating in a week. Thank you.”

Jay - “What will she have a degree in?”

Jamie – “She will have a degree in American Studies and a degree in Dance – she double majored Jay.”

Jay – “So she’s going to live with you when she gets done.”

Jay – “There’s so many job openings”

Jay – “What was it – American Studies?”

Jamie – “American Studies”

Jay – “What is that? What is that? What is American Studies?”

Jamie – “Don’t you ridicule my daughter on national television?”

Jay – “Have you helped her with her homework?”

Jamie – “Have I helped her with her homework? Stop this! Now! Stop! I am proud of her. I am not going to let you ridicule her on this television. She’s a fabulous woman.”

Jay – “A fabulous girl.”

Jamie – “She’s a woman.”

Jay – “A Woman. She’s a woman now. ”

Jamie – “A fabulous woman – a woman.”

Jay – “A woman now. This girl is a woman now. Who studies America and can dance. ”

Jame – “Let me ask you. Can I ask you about the dance?”

Jamie – “No!”

Jay – “Is it lap or pole?”

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